Event ProducePR 6月 27, 2023

Webroot & OpenText
Building thought leadership in the cyber resilience industry


Webroot is a global cybersecurity company offering cyber resilience products. Asoviva supported Webroot to establish thought leadership and build relationships with media in the Japanese market. After Webroot became a part of OpentText, we took over PR work for OpenText’s cybersecurity division.

Strategy & Execution

In the highly competitive cybersecurity industry, it is challenging to differentiate our client from several domestic and foreign rivals. Therefore, we compiled a fact book to introduce the client’s products to the media and improve journalists’ understanding of the company. Afterward, through several global and Japanese press releases, we provided the most up-to-date information and gradually built a strong relationship with the media. One of the most significant successes was a media roundtable consisting of a talk session with Toshio Nawa, an influential personnel in the cybersecurity industry, to share deep insights into the industry’s current state.


After two years of PR retainer activity, we have gained nearly 200 coverages on targeted media such as ITmedia, ZDNET, Impress, etc. Noteworthily, we effectively introduced OpenText’s USP product on Keyman’s Net, a media with most corporate decision-makers as audiences. Open Text has established a unique positioning in the cybersecurity industry and become an opinion leader in the cyber resilience environment. We also supported the client with maintaining relationships with media who participated in the media roundtable and consistently exchanged information, leading to coverage.

About Asoviva LLC

Asoviva is an integrated communications agency that help international brands succeed in the Japan market and Japanese companies expand to abroad, by provising PR, marketing, research, digital, content and creative, among other offerings.