About Asoviva

We are an Integrated PR agency based in Tokyo with decades of experience communicating with stakeholders in Japan.

Who We Are

We have been working in public relations for more than 17 years, providing PR solutions for a variety of domestic and international clients—from major corporations to venture companies.

We often encounter situations in which PR managers are unsure about how best to cooperate between the various departments of product development, sales and overseas head offices.

To solve these client challenges, we bring together experts in each field to provide comprehensive communication proposals, bringing with them a wide coverage of channels, and it's this which differentiates us from other agencies.

Extensive experience combined with comprehensive coverage for best-in-class PR services

Our Mission
and Vision

Our Mission

We Solve Social Issues

We work alongside our clients to provide solutions to social issues related to their business through effective communication strategies and assist them in building their brand among their stakeholders and end-users.

Our Vision

Become The No.1 PR Agnency

Through providing comprehensive integrated PR services to our international clients, we aim to build our reputation as the most credible and dependable PR agency in Tokyo and Asia. We are driven to continually maximize our performance and outcomes to stand above the rest.


Keisuke Maeda President & CEO

Born in Tokyo. He moved to Italy at the age of 19 (2001). After playing for Perugia’s football league in Serie D, he worked for Sunny Side Up (2004–), the PR company at the top of the Tokyo Stock Exchange famous for Hidetoshi Nakata, and Hakuhodo Products (2008–). After building his career in PR, advertising and marketing at Integrate (2010–), he established La Crèta in January 2012 and Asoviva in March 2019.

His major achievements include being in charge of digital and IoT services in organizations such as NTT Docomo, Docomo Healthcare, PHILIPS, Panasonic, Amazon, Rakuten, and OrCam, and has solved marketing issues through his PR communications strategy design and implementation ability. He has worked in the Netherlands, UK, Israel, Singapore and the United States.

Corporate Information

Company Name
asoviva LLC.
100% subsidiary of La Crèta Inc.
President & CEO
Keisuke Maeda
March 2019

Associated Company

La Crèta Inc. is an Intergrated PR Agency founded in Tokyo in2014. La Crèta provides one-stop communication services from strategy planning, PR to advertisement to support its clients to gain reputation and build brands among key stakeholders.
IPREX is a global network of independent PR and communications agencies in more than 100 markets. IPREX is now the one of the leading global communications and PR network in globe with more than 1,100 communications professionals.
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