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Royal Enfield
We have been in charge of Royal Enfield PR in the Japanese market, with a primary focus on localization.


Royal Enfield, headquartered in India, is the world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturer. The brand has a great global presence, with approximately three times as many as BMW’s sales. (In 2021, Royal Enfield sold 590,000 units, while BMW sold 190,000 units). However, in the Japanese market, Royal Enfield is not as familiar amongst the general public and the motorcycle rider community. In addition, many riders have prejudices about Royal Enfield motorcycles being “low quality”, making branding a major challenge for Royal Enfield.

Strategy & Execution

We have been in charge of Royal Enfield PR in the Japanese market, with a primary focus on localization. We have built media relations mainly with motorcycle industry publications, which have core readers, while also establishing strong relationships with lifestyle media to reach out to general audiences. Moreover, in order to impactfully communicate Royal Enfield’s core values such as “a combination of retro styling and modern technology” and “quality bikes,” we planned many hands-on experience opportunities by lending PR motorcycles to key media personnel and coordinating test rides on a global basis.


Over about a year of active efforts, we gained a lot of article exposure promoting the high quality of Royal Enfield’s bikes and raised interest among audiences. For the Scram 411 launch in Japan, we held a great press conference and invited approximately 40 media personnels to the event. Furthermore, we also obtained various coverage in lifestyle media, which was a relatively new achievement for the brand, and did video collaborations with influencers and comedians, contributing to increasing brand awareness in the Japanese market.

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