BrandingCreative 12月 29, 2022

Contributed to increase digital media exposure and increase access to the brand site.


In the MVNO (low-cost SIM) market, which is said to be a red ocean, communication speed is the biggest issue. Y.U-mobile has a good reputation on social media for its stable and high speed service. Therefore, the company sought to actively raise recognition for its service’s stable communication speed and in addition to that, their simple pricing plan from the customer’s perspective, through digital media exposure.

Strategy & Execution

Based on market needs and a comparison of competitive advantages, we decided to use digital media for exposure of the service’s speed and pricing advantages. We then determined which were the most appropriate digital media, and predicted the number of PVs and UUs that would result from the exposure. We also developed content over a three-month period, tailoring the exposure content to the individual media channels and the time of the year, among other factors.


As a result, we acheived CTR of more than 20%, which is said to be impossible with digital ads alone.

About Asoviva LLC

Asoviva is an integrated communications agency that help international brands succeed in the Japan market and Japanese companies expand to abroad, by provising PR, marketing, research, digital, content and creative, among other offerings.