BrandingCreative 12月 29, 2022

Supported comprehensive PR activities and contributed to build a reputation.


We arranged a collaboration between a well-established Japanese eyeglass brand and an Israeli high-tech company. While the conventional recognition for bifocals is that it takes 10 days or more to get the product after ordering, in this collaboration, we delivered messages that the product will be delivered the following day after purchase.

Asoviva was in charge of promoting, implementing, and analyzing brand penetration to create a methodology for how to communicate this strength and the inherent product value.

Strategy & Execution

Through market analysis, we gained insight into the strong demand for bifocals amidst the increasing consumer base in the middle-aged and senior demographics over 40 years old. Based on this insight, we produced a fact book that formed the basis for all other activities, held press conferences during the teaser period, exposed information through digital content PR, provided creative work (still and moving images) using ambassadors, developed digital advertising, and produced SP tools.


By building a reputation through digital articles and raising market expectations during the teaser period before the product launch, the volume of information was further amplified through mass PR on TV and other media at the time of launch, successfully boosting not only the product but also the corporate value of the company itself. Furthermore, the effectiveness of digital content PR was measured and applied to the next step of strategy formulation. Immediately after the press event, investors’ expectations rose, leading to the first significant rise in the company’s stock price in six months.

About Asoviva LLC

Asoviva is an integrated communications agency that help international brands succeed in the Japan market and Japanese companies expand to abroad, by provising PR, marketing, research, digital, content and creative, among other offerings.