BrandingCreative 12月 29, 2022

Greens Hotels
We built new hotel brand's recognition among target audiences


Greens Corporation opened its first hotel in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan, under the new “hotel around” hotel brand series, targeting women in their late 20s and early 30s.

Strategy & Execution

In order to gain broad brand recognition among the target audience, we aimed to gain exposure not only through web media, but also through mass media such as TV and newspapers, which are still important in Japan. To this end, we proposed holding press conferences and receptions, as well as hands-on coverage events (press tours).

Throughout this process, Asoviva practiced integrated PR, which is one of its core strengths, and used influencers with high engagement in target audiences for social media promotions.

We carefully communicated the core messages we wanted to deliver through the project, such as the brand concept and the aspirations of the participating partners, and also conducted a press tour of the “GOOD LOCAL” area in Takayama City to showcaase the connection not only between the hotel and the surrounding area, but also to the surrounding community. 

Through multifaceted media exposure, we stimulated demand for travel during COVID-19 restrictions, and through the use of Instagram influencers invited to stay as guests at the hotel, we delivered real-life experiences through their posts, as well as through the use of hashtags and campaign announcements.


As a result of the measures, we saw a large increase in the number of followers of the official account. While attention to the tourism and travel industry has declined due to the COVID-19, we contributed to maximizing the recognition toward “hotel around” as a hotel that embodies the “new form of travel”.

About Asoviva LLC

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