BrandingCreative 12月 29, 2022

Executed comprehensive brand marketing from PR to advertising


Asoviva planned and executed the debut promotion of THE B MAISON, a salon exclusive product (sold online and in company stores for a limited time) from AXXZIA, which “transmits Asian beauty from Japan to the world”. We worked on advertising development, celebrity casting, OOH, in-store tools, and a closed campaign, and contributed to an initial sales increase.

Strategy & Execution

With the concept of “drawing out the potential of beauty,” various media and tools were developed with the unified copy “Welcome to THE B MAISON,” aiming for a sense of debut and recognition of the brand name. We appointed Mr. Daiki Sato and Mr. Yuki Yagi from FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE as ambassadors and created a major sense of the brand and PR exposure.


At the time of the talent announcement, the brand’s Instagram account received more than 2,000 likes, reaching fans and other highly sensitive beauty consumers. Our PR achievement was featured in PR EDGE, a database of PR, advertising, and promotion case studies as an example of a successful campaign.

About Asoviva LLC

Asoviva is an integrated communications agency that help international brands succeed in the Japan market and Japanese companies expand to abroad, by provising PR, marketing, research, digital, content and creative, among other offerings.