Web Producer/Assistant

As a Web Producer, you will be taking on new challenges to make Asoviva’s position as an integrated PR agency stronger than ever. Join us in this new initiative to incorporate digital into a PR agency.


Job Overview

As an integrated PR agency, Asoviva provides not only PR services but also advertising and digital marketing services with PR as a starting point. As a Web Producer, you will work closely with other members of the team to build client relationships by offering new proposals to Asoviva’s existing PR clients from a digital promotion perspective.



As a web producer, you are expected to build good relationships with your clients and understand their exact needs. Based on the client’s needs, you are expected to propose what measures can be taken from the perspective of digital promotion and help them achieve their goals by actually establishing their brand and increasing their sales. To make this possible, you will be expected to work closely with other members of Asoviva to develop the best communication plan together.



Must Haves

  • More than 3 years of experience in web digital sales, producer, director, etc. at web promotion companies, web media companies, general advertising companies, PR companies, etc.
  • Able to handle client relations, consulting, planning, and execution as a one-stop service.

Nice to Haves

  • Coding ability, especially front-end with HTML, CSS and JS
  • Good instincts for UI copywriting
  • Experience working with product teams in Zenhub, Notion and Github
  • English language skills
  • Motion design, animation or 3D rendering
  • Understanding of SaaS business principles
About Asoviva

Asoviva is an integrated PR firm specializing in solving marketing issues for domestic and international clients. We communicate the essence of digital services, IoT, AI, and other technologies that will create the world of the future, but which the world has yet to realize their technological value, and fill the gap between them and make them commonplace.