PR Director

PR Director is a senior position at Asoviva. You will have the experience to make proposals and manage a team with an understanding of the entire communication process.


Job Overview

The PR Director is a candidate for Asoviva’s executive team. The PR Director will lead the team by leveraging his/her PR experience to win new business and help design and execute the best PR plan for the client.

In addition to PR, you will also work closely with our advertising and digital marketing teams to ensure the success of our clients’ businesses from a holistic communications perspective.



As a member of Asoviva, you are responsible to liaise with APAC representatives of IPREX and build relationships with other agencies in each country to help win projects by increasing the firm’s presence. In addition, you will be responsible to contribute to acquire new projects by making the most of your own career to date.



Must Haves

  • More than 5 years of experience in PR at a PR firm (or PR department of an advertising agency)
  • Able to handle client relations, consulting, planning, and execution as a one-stop service.

Nice to Haves

  • Sensitive to trends
  • Able to think logically at all times
  • Act proactively rather than waiting for others to take action
  • Work with a sense of speed
  • Those who want to give shape to their own ideas
About Asoviva

Asoviva is an integrated PR firm specializing in solving marketing issues for domestic and international clients. We communicate the essence of digital services, IoT, AI, and other technologies that will create the world of the future, but which the world has yet to realize their technological value, and fill the gap between them and make them commonplace.