【Panasonic】Formation of a market base for warm beauty treatments

Formation of a market base for warm beauty treatments

[Client] Panasonic


We conducted an educational campaign on the inevitability of the “warm energy beauty appliance” service as a new beauty method that is not yet recognized in Japan, along with the concerns of the target women. By spreading the image of “summer skin care” and “coldness = old age,” we proposed warm energy products as a solution item. Based on the survey data and doctor’s supervision, we prepared multiple touch points with the target audience by using offline and online media in parallel. We were able to greatly exceed our expectations in terms of the number of media, advertising conversion value, and number of exposures.

Details about our activities

Panasonic was looking for a new way to communicate with working women to promote their understanding of “warming beauty”. We developed a message of “cold = old, warm = beautiful” and implemented a fear-mongering campaign mainly through web media. We conducted research PR and assigned a cosmetic dermatologist to add credibility and depth to the message to convey the necessity and benefits of warm beauty. In order to create a market base for warm beauty, we started with awareness-raising activities and established the branding of Panasonic as the company to turn to for warm beauty. By creating a fact book and approaching the media, we were able to get multi-faceted coverage in newspapers and web media. We also held events featuring cosmetic dermatologists, produced a mook book for a women’s magazine, and planned roundtable discussions, which successfully penetrated the market with the category of warm beauty.