Asoviva is looking for overseas startup companies that will create new value for the Japanese market based on the following theme.

We are looking for products and services that can solve social problems and strengthen relationships with the public, based on Asoviva’s vision: “With PR, the world’s excitement never ends.”


The topic for Japan is “2030 Issues”. It is said that social issues, such as the low birthrate and aging population, poverty of elderly people, increase in medical expenses, increase of depopulated areas, labor shortage etc., will peak in 2030. In the same year, Japan’s total population is forecasted to decline to about 119.1 million people, and in an announcement from the National Institute of Social Security and Population Research, in addition to that decline (which had been 127.09 million in 2015), one in three will be an elderly 65 years old. It is said that Japan is the only country in the world that has advanced to a super-aging society, and on top of that, its speed is incomparable, and it is regarded as a high-priority issue that needs to be addressed as a nation.

Let’s collaborate to solve social problems by co-creating IT services (such as IoT, AI, robotics, XR (VR, AR, MR), and drones) and the co-creation of the Marketing & Communications Department.

What the Marketing & Communications Department can offer

Public Relations (PR) can strengthen relationships with the public. The world’s news and journalism consist of: issues (social background), solutions, and what is actually provided to the world and response to it (facts and reputation). With the power of PR to transform the complex tasks and overwhelming number of features that startups possess into something that can be communicated, we’ll send your message out into the world.


Marketing research, news reports, media relations, press releases, distribution, media training, SNS promotion, Japanese language website production, production of Japanese language promotional materials, media plans for advertising, and legal, financial and personnel procedures.




日本の課題は「2030年問題」。少子高齢化・高齢者の貧困と医療費増・過疎地域の増加・労働力不足などの社会課題のピークを迎えると言われています。同年における日本の総人口予測は約1億1,912万人と減少するうえに、「国立社会保障・人口問題研究所」の発表では、 2030年における日本の総人口予測は約1億1,912万人と減少( 2015年時は、1億2,709万人)するうえに、 3人に一人が65歳の高齢者となります。超高齢化社会へと進んだ国は、世界各国の中でも日本だけで尚且、そのスピードは群を抜いていると言われており、国をあげて取り組むべき優先課題とされています。

IoT/AI/ロボティクス/XR(VR, AR, MR)/ドローンなどのITサービスと「マーケティング & コミュニケーションズ部」の事業共創によって、社会課題の解決を共創していきましょう。

「マーケティング & コミュニケーションズ部」が提供 できること





Entry Eligibility

  • Corporations and individuals planning to expand to Japan, regardless of stage of business
  • Corporations and inviduals who provide solutions that can solve social issues, and services that strengthen relationships with the public
  • Business content must be original to the applicant, and the applicant must possess ownership rights to the service

Entry conditions

  • Age, nationality, or status as a corporation, individual, student, etc. are irrelevant
  • Individual applicants must arrange to complete applications for corporate registration before establishing the Asoviva Marketing & Communications Department.
  • Students must be 18 years of age or older at the time of entry, and plan to be enrolled during the establishment of the Asoviva Marketing & Communications Department.
  • Applicants must have a clear goal to achieve, as well as awareness of issues, in establishing the Asoviva Marketing & Communications Department
  • Applicants must be able to commit to smooth collaboration with the Asoviva Marketing & Communications Department
  • Engineers must be among members, and development of the service must be able to be implemented within the team
  • Business content must not be contrary to public order and morals
  • If accepted, a contract will be entered into for the establishment of the Asoviva Marketing & Communications Department


June 2019
Start of first stage recruitment (document screening & selection) & selection period (goal/scenario interviews with selected companies)

August 2019
Announcement of first stage results

September 2019
Start of first stage service provision

Special plan

Implementation of “3 Months Free Aid Campaign” limited to three companies (contract term: half a year)
Evaluation will be done after 3 months, and we will consider how to proceed in the remaining 3 months.

The Marcom division of Asoviva will test in 3 months and will achieve a maximum of 1 million people reach (monthly fee: 1.5 million yen) in the remaining 3 months.


  • 事業ステージは問いませんが、日本進出予定があるか進出済の法人、個人の方
  • 社会課題の解決や、公共との関係性を強化できるサービスを提供する法人、個人の方
  • 事業内容が応募者の独創によるものであり、所有権が応募者に帰属するサービスであること


  • 年齢・国籍・法人・個人・学生の方など問いません
  • 個人の場合: asovivaマーコム部の設置までに法人登記申請完了予定であること。
  • 学生の場合: エントリー時において18歳以上であり、 asovivaマーコム部の設置期間中も在学予定であること
  • asovivaマーコム部の設置において達成したい明確な目標・課題認識を持っていること
  • asovivaマーコム部との円滑な連携に向けて専念できること
  • メンバーにエンジニアが所属し、サービス開発がチーム内で実施できること
  • 事業内容が公序良俗に反していないこと
  • 採択された場合、 asovivaマーコム部の設置契約を締結していただきます


第1期 募集開始(書類審査選考)&選考期間(選考通過企業と目標・シナリオ設定の面談)

第1期 結果発表

第1期 提供開始