【DIESEL】PR promotion for a new audio product

PR promotion for a new audio product



We planned a communication plan centered on digital PR measures to increase awareness of DIESEL’s first wireless earphones and to increase the flow of traffic to the sales website. In addition to responding to press releases, we approached a wide range of media. The product was published in the fashion and music media, as well as news media with a wide range of readership, resulting in a number of organic articles and reprints that contributed to raising awareness of the target product and brand and promoting sales.

Details about our activities

I was in charge of all promotional activities in Japan, including press release creation, distribution, and media seeding on the topic of the new wireless earphone launch since the licensing company was based overseas, We obtained many organic articles because we focused on providing information to music and gadget media approaches, as well as to fashion media. By appointing bloggers as influencers for reviews, we increased the number of touch points with consumers. In addition to the results that led to increased awareness of “DIESEL’s first earphones” and increased access to each sales site, we also contributed to improved sales in the sales channel.