【y.u mobile】Examples of PR with digital contents

y.u mobile: Digital content and media strategy to stand out from the mobile war

[Client] Y.U-mobile Inc.


MVNO, or low-cost SIM, market is certainly a red ocean, but y.u mobile has been reputable in stable and fast connection. Therefore, Asoviva has focused and strengthen their key message: stable, fast connection and simple pricing, delivered on digital media.

Our Strategy and Solutions

First, we have conducted a market and competitor analysis to verify the competitiveness of y.u mobile in connection and pricing. Next, key target media were identified by analysing ecpected PV and UU when an aticle is exposed. Further information and contents were developed to best attract these media, and finally it’s communicated. This led to a high-performance result: 20% CTR on articles, which is even far better than average digital advertising.