BrandingCreative 12月 29, 2022

Successfully increased awareness toward a new concept - warming beauty


As the client was developing “warming beauty appliances” as a new beauty regimen, they were looking for a new communication strategy to promote understanding of “warming beauty” among working women. From a process standpoint, we started with educational activities to create a market base for warming beauty, and established a brand message of “Panasonic is the place to go for warming beauty”.

Strategy & Execution

Since warming beauty appliances are not yet well known in Japan, we conducted an educational campaign which tied in with the interests of our target female demographic. We developed the message “cold = old, warm = beautiful” and promoted it mainly through web media. We conducted research PR and assigned a cosmetic dermatologist to add credibility and depth to the message to communicate the necessity and effectiveness of warming beauty.

We prepared multiple touchpoints with the target audience by utilizing offline/online in parallel, holding roundtable discussions with multiple participants to generate empathy with the target audience, and providing survey data and physician-supervised information. In addition, we produced a fact book and conducted a multifaceted media approach to newspapers and web media.


We helped the warm beauty category successfully penetrate the market by holding events featuring cosmetic dermatologists and producing a women’s magazine mook book/roundtable discussion project to propagate the idea of “summer skin care” and “cold = aging”. The recognition rate of warm beauty significantly exceeded our targets. The number of media in which it was published, the advertising conversion rate, and the amount of exposure also greatly exceeded all expectations.

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