Account Executive

As an Account Executive, you will be able to increase and uncover new projects for our existing clients, acquire new projects by utilizing your own network, and develop and execute new sales strategies.


Job Overview

Account Executive position reports directly to CEO and is primarily responsible for PR consulting for clients. Working with clients of all sizes in a variety of industries and as part of a team, you will help clients build their brand and achieve PR success. In addition, by working closely with senior members of the team, you will provide comprehensive services to our clients by designing overall communication strategies that go beyond PR.



Account Executive is expected to successfully manage day-to-day client communication and build positive client relationships. To this end, as an Account Executive, you are expected to proactively propose and implement new measures to clients, rather than working passively. Also, as Account Executive, you will be responsible for creating synergies between PR and other initiatives, as well as proactively creating new initiatives from the perspective of communications as a whole.



Must Haves

  • More than 3 years of experience Experience in sales positions at advertising companies, PR companies, media companies, etc.
  • Able to handle client relations, consulting, planning, and execution as a one-stop service.

Nice to Haves

  • Coding ability, especially front-end with HTML, CSS and JS
  • Good instincts for UI copywriting
  • Experience working with product teams in Zenhub, Notion and Github
  • English language skills
  • Motion design, animation or 3D rendering
  • Understanding of SaaS business principles
About Asoviva

Asoviva is an integrated PR firm specializing in solving marketing issues for domestic and international clients. We communicate the essence of digital services, IoT, AI, and other technologies that will create the world of the future, but which the world has yet to realize their technological value, and fill the gap between them and make them commonplace.