【Beauty Company】Spreading awareness of beauty products to female target customers

Beauty Company
Spreading awareness of beauty products to female target customers

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At the time, “oil beauty” was not yet common in Japan. The challenge was to propose a new idea to the target audience of middle-aged and older women, to spread awareness, and to differentiate the brand from competing beauty products. We redefined the merits of plant beauty and plant oils from a PR perspective and created a brand story. By delivering the opinions of product developers, academics, and other experts, we were able to strengthen the branding power of the product by promoting “professional endorsement” as an added value.

Details about our activities

A context map was created to identify the features of the product and to organize the information base and requirements for promotion. Based on the context map, we created a communication channel with the target audience by creating article content and brand stories for the site. We utilized information from experts (product developers, academics, real estate, construction companies), which we had not done in the past. By doing so, we were able to increase the credibility of our educational activities and reach out to the target audience with useful information that they should listen to. As a side effect, we were able to engage experts in the beauty industry.