【MIRAIE】BtoB Continuous article exposure for Construction Products -Wave PR Practice

B2B Continuous article exposure for Construction Products -Wave PR Practice

[Client] MIRAIE Inc,


There are many restrictions on advertising expressions related to buildings and earthquake countermeasure products, similar to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law for medical and beauty-related products. There are three categories of earthquake countermeasures: seismic resistance, seismic isolation, and vibration control, and MIRAIE is a vibration control building material. Since the appeal of earthquakes is sensitive and risky, the key to PR was how to convey the message correctly. As a result of our efforts, we were able to gain a reputation for our seismic control technology in the web media, and received a flood of orders for the new product.

Details about our activities

The information that ensures objectivity, which is PR’s forte, such as the opinions of experts and industry professionals, was compiled into an edited volume called FACTBOOK and used in media approaches. As a result, the project gained exposure from multiple perspectives, mainly in the web media. In the press tour for the demonstration experiment, which was specially opened to the public, the provision of information in advance became the basis for credibility, which is usually said to be difficult to obtain, and TV exposure was also obtained. As a result, for B2B PR, not only did the number of media and the advertising conversion cost exceed the initial plan, but after the implementation of the measures, orders from construction companies and house builders flooded in.