【Beauty Company】Integrated online and offline PR

Beauty Company
Integrated online and offline PR

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The measures were implemented with the aim of expanding brand awareness and penetrating the functional value of the products to teenage women. Specifically, offline events were held to let people experience the products and communicate the brand’s worldview. As a touch point with teenage girls, a beach house was set up for a limited period of time, where they could actually experience the products. In addition, a social networking campaign was conducted, which succeeded in creating excitement both online and offline.

Details about our activities

Promotion of lotion and gel for teenage girls. Considering the affinity with the target audience, we exhibited at a beach house for a limited time and attracted customers to the event site mainly through OOH when the event was held. As an online measure, a hashtag and gift campaign were conducted on Instagram, which contributed to a 230% increase in hashtag posts on Instagram and a 140% increase in positive engagement compared to the previous campaign. In addition, the number of posts by teenagers on @Cosmetics increased by 1.8 times, which contributed to awareness and branding.